Earlier this year, we were busy putting together some fabulous red and white products for our Valentine’s Day sale, and we received the most exciting phone call, ever—CBS’s “Fix It & Finish It” was coming to Tucson, Arizona, and two of our colleagues had been chosen as featured designers.  They were tasked with making over a midtown home, and they needed BOXHILL’s help!  A design show on CBS, a fabulous backyard makeover from Boxhill Design, and Antonio Sabato, Jr.?  Oh, yeah.  We were SO in!

Elizabeth Przygoda + Antonio Sabato Jr. | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Our CCO, Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery, and Calvin Klein underwear model, Antonio Sabato, Jr. — host of CBS’s new home makeover show, “Fix It & Finish It.”


Sisters, and Within Studio’s dynamic designing duo, Florencia and Carla Turco, wanted Boxhill Design to do the full landscape design plan, and all of the outdoor styling for their assigned house in Central Tucson.  We were so thrilled for our friends, that we barely let them finish their request before we had signed on for the project—we couldn’t have been happier to help!

Within Studio + BOXHILL | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Our beautiful and talented friends–sisters, Carla and Florencia Turco, of Within Studio


First, we started with a few inspiration boards to get our creative zen flowing in the right direction.

LOUNGE OUTSIDE mood board | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog



DECOR OUTSIDE mood board | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog



GROW OUTSIDE mood board | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog



DINE OUTSIDE mood board | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog



FIRE OUTSIDE mood board | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog


Once we narrowed in on a “mood” for the project, we drafted a rough design plan and sent it to Within Studio for approval.  Luckily, we were all vibing on the same wavelength, so our design was quickly greenlighted by Carla and Florencia.  It looked a little something like this:

Fix It & Finish It Landscape Design | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Fix It + Finish It’s Landscape Design Plan for Tucson, Arizona!


We were beyond excited to help this unsuspecting, yet totally deserving family, which was selected by “Fix It & Finish It.”  When we were finally able to see the work site, we were thrilled that the main thing that the clients loved about their house was that it was “a little older.”  (That just made our mid-century heart thump with glee!)  The homeowners’ style was fun and funky—we spotted some choice vintage pieces that they had thrifted, and they mentioned how much they loved upcyling and repurposing things around their home.  Eventually, they hoped to have a wedding in their backyard, if they could ever get it into good enough shape.

It was pretty much our dream project.

Fix It & Finish It behind the scenes | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Matt and Jacqui, contemplating their next project


Alongside us in the yard were some fabulous, local professionals.  We worked with a talented arborist—Juan Barba—and an incredibly dedicated and thorough installation team from Cimmaron Circle.  Although we can’t yet reveal the final images from our finished design, we can give you a few hints about what went on behind the scenes!

Cimmaron Circle + BOXHILL | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

The AWESOME crew from Cimmaron Circle


Fix It & Finish It BTS  | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Hard labor, made to look easy, by the Cimmaron crew


MEZA + BOXHILL crew | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Eliazar from Old Madres and Matt from MEZA Band showed up to lend BOXHILL a hand!


Boxhill Design put together a look that focused on mixing both old and new.  The clients had an older picnic table, that was still sturdy and had lots of life left in it.  We gave it a fresh look with a new coat of paint!

Painted picnic bench | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Don’t buy new, if you don’t have to–use everything you’ve got! Look how this velvety, turquoise paint made a picnic table look new, again.


They had a small table that wasn’t perfect, but was still salvageable.  We covered it in outdoor fabric, courtesy of Fabrics That Go, and it looked like a whole new piece.  We had some killer, upcycled products donated from generous companies, which made this eclectic look possible.  Bottle Rocket Glass hooked us up with some repurposed Patron bottles, gorgeous blue bottle lights, a set of glasses, and some great outdoor torches.


Bottle Rocket Glass Products | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Local Tucson business, Bottle Rocket Glass hooked us up with some upcycled goodness!


Patron Bottle Oil Lamp | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Upcycled Patron Bottle Oil Lamp


Upcycled Bottle Torches | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Upcycled, yet glamorous. These bottle sconces are The Bizness!


Outdoor Oil Lamp Sconce Details | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Fabulous, solid construction — these oil lamp sconces will last forever


Bottle Rocket Glass Outdoor Oil Lamp Sconce | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Look how beautiful they are on an outdoor fence!


BOXHILL donated colorful hanging pots, and a funky door mat that shouted “HOLA” to all arriving guests.


BOXHILL's HOLA Door Mat | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Quirky, yet perfectly Tucson. BOXHILL’s “HOLA Doormat.” Que onda, amigo?


BOXHILL's Steel Hanging Pots | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

A rainbow of colors came from BOXHILL’s steel, hanging pots.


We strung up some outdoor, Italian lights, and we hung a set of outdoor drapes.  Designer’s Craft donated some eye-catching, wooden wall art, and we made use of BOXHILL’s Woolly Wally Trio to hang plants in pockets, on a wall.


BOXHILL's Woolly Pockets Wall Planter | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Wool pockets become versatile planters for both indoors and out! One of our most favorite products from BOXHILL (


Outdoor Patio Lights | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Every patio needs a little GLOW. You can’t go wrong with these classic patio light strings.


We also snagged a mid-century modern-style Bullet Planter from Boxhill’s inventory, which was a favorite of the client.


BOXHILL's Bullet Planters | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

BOXHILL has a wide selection of MCM bullet planters, in a myriad of colors. We love these so hard!


We built the homeowners a conversation/barbecue area, which will also double as a dance floor when they decide to hold their future wedding.  Perhaps our favorite contribution was our original fire pit design, found exclusively at BOXHILL.  Like a proud mama, we introduced the VESTA Fire Pit to the world, on national TV.  VESTA, the first design in BOXHILL’s GLOW! Collection, combines a high-end look, with superior construction and quality, for a price that’s under $350.  (Yes!)  We were bursting with pride, and we were so humbled by how much the clients loved our new product!

VESTA Fire Pit, BOXHILL's $350 Rustic Modern Fire Pit | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

VESTA Fire Pit — the first design in a collection of goddess-inspired fire pits, exclusively from BOXHILL



VESTA Fire Pit, BOXHILL's $350 Modern Rustic Fire Pit | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

VESTA is the first high-end, quality fire pit for under $350. It comes in wood-burning, gas, and propane options, and it is offered in either a rusted finish, or a raw steel finish. Exclusively at BOXHILL. Get yours HERE: (


It was a long, and arduous day under the hot, Tucson sun.  We worked from 6:00am to 6:00pm, and none of it would have happened if not for the volunteer help we received from Old Madres Landscaping, our favorite local band—MEZA—and all of our dedicated employees at Boxhill Design, BOXHILL, and LIVE OUTSIDE.  We thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

Old Madres Landscaping + BOXHILL | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Eliazar, from Old Madres — seriously, folks, he is truly the best installer in Tucson.  Reach him at 520-904-5579, for your next backyard project!


MEZA Band + BOXHILL | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Matthew Meza, lead singer of MEZA, who does the work volume of three people. Check out him and his band at


BOXHILL staff | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Mike Montgomery, husband of LIVE OUTSIDE Blog’s CCO, Elizabeth, and our most dependable volunteer. We love you, Mike!!

We bonded as a crew, and we worked harder than we thought possible.  When it was time for the reveal, the homeowners cried their eyes out, and our whole team couldn’t have been happier for them.  Speaking for all of us, I can tell you that it was the best feeling in the world to do this for someone else, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Here’s to the happy homeowners making lasting memories in their new yard.  Many thanks for letting us be a part of your special day, from all of us at LIVE OUTSIDE.


LIVE OUTSIDE reminds you to set your DVRs for this Thursday, September 18th.  Catch all of us at LIVE OUTSIDE Blog, BOXHILL, and Boxhill Design on CBS’s “Fix It & Finish It,” — the Tucson, Arizona edition — hosted by Antonio Sabato, Jr.!  Check your local listings for times.



Shop Nautical outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Shop this classic nautical look, only at


Ahoy Matey!  Anchors Away!

This week at LIVE OUTSIDE, we’re digging the nautical vibe.  We recruited fellow fashion sailor, Sydney Ballesteros, of Golden Girl of the West blog, to bring you some sea-worthy goodness for your home and outdoor space.  Aaaaaand, we’ve got some adorable DIY projects that will help you get your nautical wardrobe looking ship-shape!


Syd loves outdoor entertaining, so she instantly gravitated towards the collection of Amalfi Melamine Tableware.  These plates and serving pieces are a cheeky twist on a classic china pattern.  Crabs, fish, lobsters, seahorses, octopuses, and whales POP against a navy blue background.  (Or, pick up a set of the same patterns on classic white.)  Durable melamine is dishwasher-safe and kid-friendly.  We can’t think of a sweeter addition to your picnic tables!  Pair them up with a chic set of grey and cream Maritime Coasters, for a touch of sophistication.

Nautical-ize your outdoor area by creating the perfect conversation space.  Sydney recommends navigating your patio under the pleasant glow of this Tin + Glass Star Light.  Hand-crafted in Sonora, Mexico, it’s celestial, it’s ethereal, and it’s oh-so eye-catching.  Turn your attention to the floor, and lay down this navy Striped Rug.  The wide stripes will add movement to your space, while helping to ground your furniture.

Speaking of furniture, Syd’s retro heart thumps for these Timeless Rocker Chairs, which are also available in kid-size!  Add a pair to your seating area to balance the space.  Round out your seating with this gorgeous Yellow + White Tangier Pouf.  Its durable fabric is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and the citrus-y color is a nice compliment to nautical blue and white.  It’s a perfect way to tie in the melamine dishes from your tabletop!  Finally, cap off your seating area with this Snazzy Stilt Box Planter in apple red.  It comes in a variety of finishes, and it will outlast any planter you own.


Nautical isn’t just about navy blue and white—it’s also about the cheery reds found on sailing flags everywhere.  Sydney uses this shade as her inspiration for an outfit that we’re coining as “Nautical Chic.”

She starts with the purse.  This DELICIOUS cross-body saddlebag—the Dylan, by Madewell—is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.  Sling it across this J.Crew Stripe Back Zip Dress for a look that is casual, yet pulled together.

Stay sun smart with this Merona Floppy Hat.  Its wide straw brim will keep you safely shaded, and it’s a perfect match to these Rafia Flats from Need Supply.  Polish the look off with some simple gold jewelry that’s nautical…but with flair.  We’re ga-ga over her necklace pick—Madewell’s Knotshine Necklace in worn gold.  (Gah!  So amazing!)  She suggests pairing it with simple, gold anchors, like these understated ones from Kate Spade.  Cap off the look with these Catbird Twisted Stacker Rings, which look great when worn on the first knuckle, or further down the finger in a traditional style.


We at LIVE OUTSIDE were so inspired by Sydney’s fashion picks that we decided to do a little exploring on our own.  We found these great nautical-style DIYs on Pinterest, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you!

You guys, how presh are these nautical nails??  (We have three girls in the office rocking this look, right now!)

Easy Nautical Nail Art | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

This nautical nail mani is surprisingly easy!

Just paint your nails a deep navy blue, (we like Zoya’s Sailor,) and apply some leftover strips from a French manicure kit.  Trim off the excess, and you’ve got a sharp, nautical stripe!  Use a thin paintbrush to add a small heart in red cream, like Zoya’s Maura, and your look is complete!  For extra durability, and to smooth out the finish, we added two, thick coats of Seche Vite—our “holy grail” of top coats.  (Mani Tutorial)

DIY Nautical Yarn Bangle | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

DIY Nautical Bangle Collection from Live Outside Blog!

Keep the world noticing your hands with these AWESOME bangles.  All you need to get this project going is some cheap, acrylic bangles (thrifted or Dollar Store,) some Cascade 220 Wool Yarn in red, white, and blue, and a touch of fabric glue.

DIY Nautical Yarn Bangle | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Vary the thickness of your color-blocking.  Uniformed spacing is boring–switch it up!

DIY Nautical Yarn Bangle | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Yarn gauge is important — if your yarn is too skinny or too thick, you’ll have a hot mess!

Wrap off a section of the bracelet, alternating both the yarn colors, and the width of the color-blocking.  Tie off each color with a small, tight knot, and add a dab of fabric glue to prevent fraying.  That’s it!  It’s so easy and gorgeous, we can hardly stand it.  (This project was originally conceived by Martha Stewart’s team, but we like this tutorial better.)

Are you guys going to try this??  We’d love to see your pictures—please send them to us, or post them in the comments!

DIY Nautical Yarn Bangle | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Use bangles of various thicknesses to complete the look!


Thanks for being our first mate as we navigate the waters of nautical inspiration!  We hope we’ve inspired you to try out some of these looks, and that you’ll set sail with all of us again, here at LIVE OUTSIDE.



Summer Lovin | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Vintage Summer Love — Live Outside Blog

Greetings, LIVE OUTSIDE-ers!  We’re sending a splash of summer love out to YOU — our intrepid readers and all-around bons vivants!

The summer is only halfway finished, and already we find ourselves making a mental scrapbook of the FLASHy-est, SMASHy-est and SPLASHy-est events that have made this summer one for our record books!


Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Vintage Summer Lovin’ products from


The staff at LIVE OUTSIDE has teamed up with creative director and stylist Sydney Ballesteros, of Golden Girl of the West blog, to bring you a “curated collabo” of both summer furnishings, and summer fashion.

Summertime style is all about beating the heat, and looking cool while doing it!  We’re vibing off of large, white and airy pieces, accented by bright punches of color.  Syd was in love with Boxhill’s Wickam Dining Chair, and all of its grid-like groovy-ness.  The solid construction, paired with its breathable, mid-century modern design make it a chair that you’ll cherish forever.  It pairs perfectly with the Wetherby Dining Table in White, whose solid, chrome frame and tempered glass top will stand up to the elements (and your rigorous party schedule.)  Ground the conversation space with this crisp, black and white striped Nantucket Rug.  Then, accent a corner with this Atomic-style HA|RU Planter.

This look is so clean and bright – we just can’t get enough of it!  However, it needs a quick injection of color for that truly signature look, so…wow your party guests with the explosion of color and pattern in this Raj 15.5” Melamine Round Serving Platter!  The melamine is glossy and durable, and it will make even the simplest appetizers look oh-so elegant.

Mix in some “old” with the “new” and add a few pieces from Boxhill’s Vintage Shop.  We’re positively SWOONING over the blues and golds in this entire collection.


Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from


The Aldo Londi Bitossi Vintage Ceramic Bowl is an eye-catching piece for any table.  It’s perfect for holding fruit, or to use as a landing zone for your stray accessories.  And speaking of accessories, you don’t need to be a smoker to enjoy this vintage Aldo Londi Bitossi Smoking Set.  We like using them to add color to any shelf, or as a hipster vessel for air plants.  Pair them all with these heirloom Georges Briard Paisley Glasses, Set of 4, and serve up your favorite iced mint tea!  (See our recipe below!)

For some hip, summer fashion, Sydney recommends beginning with a statement piece.  She selects a vintage, palm leaf sundress from her collection to be the centerpiece of this look.  Keep the accessories simple, but elegant.  You’ll want to echo the black and white of the Nantucket Rug with a bib necklace (in white or black,) and a pair of glam Jackie O sunglasses to keep the sun at bay.  Match the chrome base of the Wetherby Table with some thick, silver sandals, and don’t forget that floppy hat, which will top of your look like a cherry on a sundae.

Aaaaand, if you need any further encouragement to pick up some of these items, check out the June 2014 issue of Matchbook Magazine – because we’re in there!!  YES!  Oh my gosh, we’re excited!


Smash…hit, that is.  We’re OF COURSE talking about our feature in the June 2014 edition of Matchbook Magazine.  Seriously, we’re still pinching ourselves.  Our dream of a vintage photo shoot was realized, and it now graces the pages of Matchbook Magazine, next to our idol, the incomparable Emily Henderson, and alongside industry giants, like photographer, Bonnie Tsang.  We couldn’t be more honored.  It was like watching our (business) baby take its first steps — you’re so proud, that you’re beside yourself, and you just want to hang on to the moment for as long as you can.

We were proud collaborators with a number of amazing stylists and vendors on this shoot, like Sydney Ballesteros, Boxhill, Hot Cool Vintage, Ellie Mayhem, AZ Modern, and Boxhill Design, to name a few — all photographed so flawlessly by the lens of Puspa Lohmeyer.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite shots from Matchbook Magazine’s spread, entitled Desert Summer:


Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Vintage Love! Matchbook Magazine’s Desert Summer Pictorial, featuring products from Boxhill (

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Matchbook Magazine’s Desert Summer Pictorial, featuring Boxhill

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Vintage style! Sydney Ballesteros and

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Vintage…like a boss!  Boxhill does it again!

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Our favorite shot of them all!  Matchbook Magazine’s + Boxhill

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Desert Summer Pictorial, featuring products from

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Love me some desert vintage!  Boxhill + Matchbook Magazine

Shop Mid-Century Modern outdoor furniture + accessories | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Matchbook Magazine’s Desert Summer Pictorial, with Boxhill


One of LIVE OUTSIDE‘s staff writers spent a year living in the paradise known as Hawaii.  Her current contribution to this office is what has all of our staffers going ga-ga.  It’s this sublime nectar of the gods known as Hawaiian Pineapple Mint Iced Tea, and we CANNOT.  STOP.  DRINKING IT.

She first had this drink at an upscale resort on the Big Island, and she loved it so much that she was able to sweet-talk the chef into parting with the recipe.  We’ve convinced her to share this little-known gem with our fabulous readers at LIVE OUTSIDE, so you can thank us later.  We bring you — straight from Hawaii — the most delicious (and addictive) iced tea you will ever try.


Hawaiian Pineapple Mint Iced Tea Recipe | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Delicious nectar of the gods.


Hawaiian Pineapple Mint Iced Tea Recipe


  • Tea bags, to taste
  • 1 bunch fresh mint leaves
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 2 cups ice water
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • Juice from one lemon


  1. Boil 2 cups of water on the stovetop.
  2. While water is boiling, add tea bags and mint to steep.  (Approximately 10 minutes)
  3. With a slotted spoon, remove tea bags and mint leaves.  Stir in sugar until dissolved.
  4. Combine pineapple juice with ice water in a pitcher.
  5. Add the tea mixture, and the juice of one (freshly-squeezed) lemon.
  6. Stir well, and refrigerate until cold.
  7. Pour yourself a glass of heaven, and enjoy!



From curating vintage summer style, to our first photo shoot in a national publication, to the simple pleasures of a truly divine glass of tea…we have so many reasons to LOVE this summer.  It’s been a banner season for all of us on staff, and we’re so happy that we get to come to work – every day — and inspire a legion of fabulous readers like you to go out there, and LIVE OUTSIDE.


Endless Summer Lovin | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Much love from all of us, to each of you.


Rustic Party Table Decorations

Hey, LIVE OUTSIDE-ers!  We hope you had a fantastic 4th of July holiday.  One of our staffers celebrated Independence Day at a lake house, at a week-long family reunion. She was tagged at the last minute for table decorations, and we were so thrilled with what she put together, that we just had to share it with you!

Modern Rustic Outdoor Table | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Yellow Modern Rustic Party Table

Since the party was already at a lake, she decided that a glitzy tablescape would be neither appropriate, nor appreciated, at this 4th of July potluck.  Instead, she opted to match the laid-back attitude with inspiration she took from our Rustic Modern post, earlier this year.

Tiny succulents were on sale at a local nursery, so she snapped them up with a 50% off coupon.  (Yay for bargain shopping!)  Choosing succulents was a no-brainer.  They travel well, and they are un-bothered by the blistering hot temperatures inside of an Arizona car at a rest stop.  Smart girl!

The first item for the rustic tables were these striking Bottle Gardens from Boxhill.  They’re made from upcycled wine bottles!

Upcycled Wine Bottle Garden | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Shop this upcycled Wine Bottle Garden at

Brick Succulent Planter | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

DIY Brick Succulent Planter — Live Outside Blog

Finally, she added a touch of vintage by swapping out those ubiquitous Solo cups for mason jars and glass milk bottles.  After adding some twine around the neck, and a fancy paper straw, she knew she had a winner. (Photo credit: Etsy)

Glass milk bottles are the new mason jars -- rustic modern, and so chic! | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Collect vintage glass milk bottles for summer backyard parties!

Lavender Lemonade | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Add a sprig of fresh lavender to your summer lemonade!

Thanks to Pinterest, and a little love from Boxhill, her potluck went from ho-hum to “Holy Cow!”  It makes us all want to throw a backyard party, and of course…to LIVE OUTSIDE.


Look at the Stars…They Shine for You

“We are a way for the universe to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We are made of star stuff.”  —  Carl Sagan

Shop star-inspired products at Boxhill | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Shop all of these products at

Carl Sagan once famously stated that we were all made up of “star stuff” — it’s such a romantic notion, and one that’s endlessly inspiring!  This week, our adventurous product scouts have rounded up our favorite “star stuff” — it’s a curated collection of items that are cosmic, twinkling, and bursting with style.

Star-Inspired Outdoor Decor

We start with this Tin + Glass Star Light.  It’s hand-crafted by a 3rd generation tinsmith from Mexico City, and it is the perfect accent for any patio.  Stars lamps, like these, are represented throughout Central America, and they were originally designed as a homage to one of the most famous stars — The Star of Bethlehem.  Our iconic light may be ordered with or without electrical wiring, depending on your needs.

Add a truly star-studded touch to your space with this Zodiac Coaster Set.  This line of tabletop items is near and dear to our hearts because of its memorable design.  Somehow, it manages to make zodiac symbols both elegant and understated.  In fact, we predict that only your more cerebral guests will even notice that these are the signs of the zodiac!  This set works well with nautical themes, or anywhere in your home that needs a classic touch of china blue and white.

If you’d like to add a celestial twinkle to your surroundings, why not try this fun Bonnet Lamp in cerulean blue, made from re-purposed colanders?  This is a handmade, artistic twist on “upscale industrial,” and it is sure to be the conversation piece of any space.  Want to add some flickering candles?  We can’t get enough of these Calice Garden Lanterns.  Ordinary tea lights look so crisp and modern when surrounded by the clear, blue glass, and sitting atop a chromed rod — it’s a fantastic way to add a bit of polish to your outdoor sanctuary.  Pair it with this Bombay Sapphire Bottle Vase, which is made from an upcycled liquor bottle.  It’s the perfect vessel for your fresh-cut flowers, or to use as a hurricane, to house votives and larger candles.

Finally, we recommend this Sunburst End Table, for a truly one-of-a-kind piece that works both indoors and out.  Its sturdy steel frame and cast iron top will add a solid, grounding element to any look, and the starburst pattern recalls all the arts-and-crafts nostalgia of matchstick art.

Matchstick Art | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Speaking of youngsters, the staff at LIVE OUTSIDE agrees that star gazing is a fantastic way to bond with the little ones!  Their inquisitive minds are ablaze with questions about the mythology behind the different constellations and planets, and they are oh-so excited when they spot a familiar pattern among the stars.  Unfortunately, it has been many years since our last trip to the planetarium, and while we can spot Orion’s belt with the best of them, anything beyond that can be a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately for us, there are some fantastic apps that can lend us big kids a helping hand.  Organize your own impromptu star-watching party, and try a few of these apps out!

Smartphone Apps for Star-Watching

NIGHT SKY 2:  We’ve long been a fan of the original, and this second version did not disappoint!  We love the push notifications that let you know when the evening weather will be optimum for star-gazing, and its handy location suggestions will help you find the perfect spot.  If you know a friend who would enjoy this app, you can purchase and gift it to them as a surprise, using their email address.  As an added bonus, a “Santa Tracker” is available as an add-on during the holidays.

Night Sky 2 App | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

STAR CHART:  We swooned over the detailed illustrations in this app, which are based on artwork from the 17th century astronomer, Johannes Hevelius.  However, one of the best features is the ability to fast-forward or rewind 10,000 years, so that you can see star positions for any given date!  Look up birthdays, anniversaries, or special moments in history.

Our favorite star-watching apps! | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

Available for both (iOS) and (Android) platforms.

STAR & PLANET FINDER:  Select a celestial body from your list, and point your phone up to the sky — that’s it!  This app will help you fine tune your position, until you find your desired object.  What could be easier?

Star and Planet Finder App | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

If you’re searching for a way to enhance your outdoor space, then let the stars be your guide.  They will fill your heart with inspiration and wonder.  You will find yourself yearning to be among them, and…to LIVE OUTSIDE.


Outdoor Hollywood Regency

Greetings, Outdoor Afficionados!  This week at LIVE OUTSIDE, we are vibing off of a timeless style known as Hollywood Regency.

Outdoor Hollywood Regency | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

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Hollywood Regency is all about glitz, glamour, and opulence.  Crystal chandeliers, lacquered furniture, and ornate, over-sized mirrors abound!  Plush, velvety fabrics, and exotic antiques from around the world look smashing against this style’s small-scaled furniture, with simple silhouettes.  For us at LIVE OUTSIDE, this is a very workable combination.  It combines our love of unadorned modern style with the nostalgia of treasured family heirlooms.  Bring those old favorites down from the attic!

Hollywood Regency Decor

One of the most inviting things about Hollywood Regency is how it puts the people in the home center stage.  The furniture was grouped into small, conversation spaces, and its lines were simple.  Translate this to your outdoor space with this GORGEOUS Racquet Club Sofa.  The classic tufting, the (almost lacquered) white, leatherette cushions, and the chrome frame will make this the centerpiece of any Hollywood Regency design.  A nice, contrasting companion to this sofa is the Mid-Mod Black Pool Lounger, which is comfortable, yet minimalist.

This style is noted for its explosion of bright colors, both in furniture and accessories.  We’re talking Chinese reds, sunset oranges, kiwi greens, and bright, lemon yellows — so fun!  This Pebble Table is the embodiment of Hollywood Regency, with its persimmon-orange hue, and its lacquered finish.  Its low profile easily lends itself to any conversation space.  Combine it with this chartreuse Pebble Seat for a look that’s more reminiscent of art than it is of seating!  For a really eclectic look, add this fantastic Concha Chair to your furniture pairing.  It will give you an all-in-one solution of bright shots of color, modern lines, and a signature exotic feel.

A “key” element to your Hollywood Regency design is this Greek Key Rug (sorry…we couldn’t resist!)  The Broadway Greek Key Rug is a showstopper in black and white.  It draws your eyes immediately to the space, and it anchors those bright colors.  The Greek key pattern is a perfect fit for Hollywood Regency style, with its exotic, far-away origins.  Realize that In the 1930’s, this would’ve been quite the conversation piece!  Picture the home owner regaling their guests with stories of trips to the Mediterranean, and one-of-a-kind boutique finds in Santorini and Mykonos!

A careful selection of accessories will complete your Hollywood Regency look.  In our space, the colorful, glossy furniture will command the most attention.  We like to keep the accessories understated and classy.  This Pottery Stand from HA|RU is a jaw-dropper.  It’s versatile and modern, yet timeless enough to blend with any style.  We also love this Monogram Coaster Set which will punctuate your look, like the period at the end of a sentence.

DIY Hollywood Regency Chandelier

With all of this Hollywood Regency in your outdoor space, you might feel the urge to bring some of that glamour inside.  Kristan Cunningham, from HGTV’s Design on a Dime, has delightfully simple way to DIY this coveted look.  She suggests thrifting an over-the-top, brass chandelier (or, just raiding the stash in your grandma’s attic…), and replacing the flame-tipped bulbs with globes.  (Opaque is preferred, but translucent also looks nice.)

What if your chandelier isn’t brass?  Well, we have the creative geniuses over at the Little Green Notebook to thank for introducing us to the BEST gold spray paint we’ve ever tried.  Design Master’s Gold Medal Metallic spray paint is our go-to gold for painting accessories.  It has such a nice luster, and it manages to sidestep the pitfall of rendering things a “cheesy” gold.  The look of this color is all about EXPENSIVE, and we’ve used it to spray paint just about anything that doesn’t move!  Use these tips on your dusty antiques, and you’ll have them looking très Adler in no time!

DIY Jonathan Adler Chandelier | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

DIY Jonathan Adler Chandelier

Hollywood Regency is a decadent style that helps you combine the antique Old with the modern New.  It’s fancy, it’s fabulous, and it’s oh-so-attainable.  It’s the glamour choice for those of us who chose to LIVE OUTSIDE.


Let’s Have a Picnic!


Top Picnic and Grilling Items | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog

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There’s something about the idea of a picnic that feels so nostalgic.  As a child, the idea of eating lunch at somewhere other than the kitchen table inspired wide-eyed excitement in all of us.  Mom would get the old, family quilt out of the closet.  We would scramble to gather beach balls, toys, Frisbees, etc., and even if the picnic fare was a simple sandwich, some pretzels, and fruit, we SWEAR it tasted better when it was packaged in little Tupperware containers.  It wasn’t about what was in the basket — it was about the thoughtful preparation that went in to creating it.  It was knowing that this is what Mom chose for all of us.  It was the excitement of eating on plates in the grass, of pouring a thermos filled with cold lemonade, and of making memories that would last a generation.

Picnic Products

Are you anxious to start making your own memories?  We suggest starting with the picnic basket.  The Picnic Dorset Basket for 4 is a classic choice that is sure to elicit squeals of delight when it’s sitting on the counter top.  This set includes plates, wine glasses, flatware, napkins, coffee cups, a cooler, a blanket, and much more.  We love it because it’s an all-in-one solution…all you have to do is add food!  If you need something less traditional, we like the Picnic Yorkshire for 4.  Its domed top and curved handle for carrying make it a stylish option for every family.

Grilling Accessories

Is grilling on the agenda?  (We certainly hope so!)  For picnics, the name of the game is Portability.  With that in mind, we’ve found some fantastic options that will allow the grill to travel easily with you.  Check out this two-in-one Picnic Cooler and Grill Set.  The 9” grill is the perfect size to cook for a small group, and its removable ash pan makes for easy cleaning.  The sizable cooler has heavy duty insulation, and it’s equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.  Another winner is the Foldable Portable Grill.  This little guy folds up flat like a file folder, and it includes a carrying tote with a shoulder strap.  Its 19” x 12” grill face is just the right size for your little clan.  Finally, if you plan to light up the “barbie,” don’t forget the proper tools.  This Stainless Steel 5-Piece Grill Set comes in a sturdy aluminum carrying case and makes a great gift!

Gourmet Hot Dog Inspiration

Need a little grilling inspiration?  Just look at these mouth-watering, gourmet hot dog recipes we pinned from Kleinworth & Co.  We want to try them all!

Gourmet Hot Dog Inspiration | #shopboxhill @BoxhillDesign | #liveoutsideblog @LiveOutsideBlog


Mom’s Day Gift Ideas

We took an internal poll and decided that the best gifts for mom are the ones that make her feel pampered and beautiful.  To most, that means you buy her a back-up bottle of her regular perfume, or maybe replenish some of her makeup.  However, if you’re looking to go the extra mile this year,Continue Reading

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todos los amigos de LIVE OUTSIDE! The standard fare for Cinco de Mayo includes an array of southwestern favorites:  Guacamole, chips and salsa, street tacos, enchiladas, and delicious homemade tortillas.  We say YUM!  (Oh, and you CAN’T forget the tequila, limes, and cervezas…por supuesto que no.)  But, when we thinkContinue Reading

It’s Spring at Boxhill!

“I love Spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would always greet it in a garden.” — Ruth Stout Spring is here, and we at LIVE OUTSIDE couldn’t be more excited!  It’s the King of Seasons, and it has also become our King of Reasons…like, the reason we give to justify anything.  Observe usContinue Reading

Rustic Modern Outdoor Decor

Have you always loved the clean lines of modern design, but shied away from the cold, impersonal feel of stock modern, with its metal and glass?  Don’t despair, because there’s a “modern” style for everyone, and one that we particularly love at LIVE OUTSIDE is Rustic Modern. Rustic Modern is a fantastic way to blendContinue Reading

It’s Time to Grow at Boxhill

Garden lovers everywhere know this feeling…it’s time to GROW. Shop Boxhill for a great selection of watering cans, non-GMO seeds, and all of your gardening needs! Products That Will Grow On You If you know a gardener who needs a gift, then head over to Boxhill and pick up the Humble Seed Trio Gift Basket.  ItContinue Reading

The Bird is the Word

It’s “Nesting Time” at LIVE OUTSIDE!  The urbanization of America is destroying the natural habitat of our birds at an alarming rate, and so we have decided to become good neighbors to our feathered friends.  We’re building them a bird garden! A small bird garden can be a great addition to your outdoor space, becauseContinue Reading

Smarty Plants Shop at Boxhill

Garden lovers…show off your Smarty Plants!  Boxhill has you covered with the Top 5 must-have items for Spring!  Stop into the shop, and see what’s new! Must-Have for Spring Plants We are so excited to offer our readers the entire line from Woolly Pockets.  The Wally One and Woolly Wally enable planting on walls, both indoorsContinue Reading

Palm Springs Modernism Week

Greetings, Modernistas!  LIVE OUTSIDE has just returned from one of our favorite annual events — the fabulously retro Palm Springs Modernism Week! The entire country is having a love affair with Mid-Century Modern, and we are no exception!  Give us your Atomic, your Tiki…your Danish Modern, yearning to be free!  We had a blast celebratingContinue Reading

One Love, Valentine’s Day Decor

Welcome to February!  Love is in the air, and all of us at LIVE OUTSIDE are head-over-heels IN LOVE with the hues that dominate the season.  We can’t help but smile when we see store shelves saturated in crimsons, lavas, and cherry pops — add a dash of pink and white, and you’ve got yourselfContinue Reading

Sticks and Stones – Cement Outdoor Decor

There’s something about this time of year that makes us long for the beauty and stillness of a secluded beach.  Perhaps it’s because the hustle and bustle of the holidays are finally behind us.  We entertained family, we cooked feast after feast…there were presents, and music, and laughter, and cheer.  We clinked our glasses toContinue Reading

Radiant Orchid – Pantone Color of the Year

Choosing Radiant Orchid How did Pantone arrive at this particular color selection?  According to their Executive Director, Lee Eisman, they look for “…Ascending color trends, colors that are being used in broader ways and broader context than before.  In this case, Radiant Orchid descends from the purple family, which is kind of a magical colorContinue Reading

Grow Your Garden, Without a Green Thumb

Fresh, local produce is the way to go.  But it can be expensive to buy and hard to grow, especially in the city.  Gardening can involve a lot of guesswork, whether it’s picking the right plants and seeds or matching it with the right spacing and planting times.  But, worry no more because with UrbnEarth’sContinue Reading

Sweet Holiday Wishes from Live Outside

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The Garden Gift Guide

  Unique gifts for everyone on your list… [GROW] NOURISHMAT – Nourshmat is a way to  start the spring off smart, by growing your own food and teaching your kids the importance of nature and where food comes from. This mat blocks weeds, comes with seeds and also can self water. What more do youContinue Reading

Let Your Heart Be Light

Light up the holidays with lighting both functional and stylish.   TRIANGULUM FIRE PIT – The shape encourages conversation; it draws people in and encircles them, interaction by design. LYMPOS GEL TORCH – Illuminate your backyard with this unique garden torch from Blomus. The modern design of this stainless steel and beechwood torch reflects aContinue Reading

Merry & Modern as featured on

  Transform your traditional holiday into something Merry & Modern. 1. TIN & GLASS STARLIGHT – Designed to be versatile, these stars add great light to a design space. 2. MOSS LETTERS – This 18-20″ high, moss covered letter is constructed using real, live green moss. 3.SNAZZY STILT BOX – This stilt container allows forContinue Reading

The Shahs of Sunset Garden Gift Guide by Boxhill

1. GALANTER & JONES HELIOS LOUNGE - Boxhill thinks Reza would love the Gallenter and Jones bench, it’s heated and super chic. 2. MULTIDOT CAKE KNIFE - Boxhill loves that GG collects knives. We thought pairing her with a few more from our collection would be nice! 3. WINE CARRIER AND PURSE - We think this cute little wine holder purse suits MJ  perfectly. 4. CUSTOMContinue Reading

Urban Patio

  Contemporary solutions for small space design! 1. TIN & GLASS STARLIGHT: These hand made stars evoke a classic southwest essence. 2. ACCENT PILLOWS: Liora Manne’s pillows are the perfect accent to any room! 3. HAUSFIRE: Provide a beautiful modern centerpiece for your indoor or outdoor space. 4. BLUE & SILVER INDIAN RUG – HandloomContinue Reading

A Modern Gathering

Cheers to a modern holiday this season! 1. LUSTROUS WHITE WREATH – This beautiful holiday white wreath appears as if it was coated in glass and will last indefinitely. 2.  TUMBLER SET - Our lusciously lucent tumblers add dazzle to any tabletop. 3. SILVERSTAND WHITE TABLE – Sleek and stylish, the Silverstand dining set is theContinue Reading

Luxury Garden Gift Guide

A gift guide for the garner who has everything. 1. TURQUOISE WREATH: This coated wreath is made of magnolia leaves and will last indefinitely. Note: It can be displayed in direct sun! 2. PETAL NECKLACE: The necklace that embraces a classic shape with a kinetic new twist. 3. TURQUOISE PLANTER: Embrace your garden with the sculptural and modernContinue Reading

6 Curb Appeal Ideas Before the Holidays!

It’s that time again, we have our neighbors trick and treating, family and friends coming over to celebrate and give thanks. First impressions start with your entrance. It’s almost like you need to do a “spring” cleaning before the fall too. It’s so easy to do a few things to brighten up your entrance withContinue Reading


Shop Boxhill will donate 10% of any pink product purchased during the month of October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! Help us find a cure! Spread the love! Wear pink this October to spread awareness and support breast cancer survivors, fighters and victims. SHOP       FACEBOOK       PINTEREST         BLOG Share Tweet Pin It


  Say “BOO!” this Halloween with fun outdoor lifestyle products!    1. BLACK JACK PLANTER: Store your candy, witches’ brew, or other devilish treasures in the Black Jack Planter 2. JUPETTE LAMP: Shed some light on your cauldron (or other mischievousness) with the Orange Jupette Lamp 3. PUMPKIN LUMINARY: Entice trick-or-treaters to your door with these Pumpkin LuminariesContinue Reading


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Creative Director + Stylist Sydney Ballesteros Inspires this Outdoor Collection Our inspiration this week comes from one of our favorite stylists Sydney Ballestros. She’s our Golden Girl of the West.  We just adore her, for every reason possible. Her work is so captivating and fun, we wanted to show you how you can take any photo you loveContinue Reading


Welcome to Live Outside Blog hosted by BOXHILL! “Blog Me Like You Mean It.” The who’s who of garden and design blogging world. Boxhill would like to welcome the following people and offer them our thanks. Boxhill was awe-inspired by these great speakers this past weekend at the Garden Bloggers Conference 2013, and who are as follows: Robin HortonContinue Reading


  1. GLOWSTONES: Illuminate pathways or planter boxes with these versatile rocks. Click here!  2. GABION BENCH: Sit down and take a load off with this modern bench. Click here! 3. TUMBLED DECORATIVE GLASS: Add some flare to outdoor firepits and more. Click here! 4. ASTROFIRE: Heat things up with this stone-filled firepit. Click here! SHOP!            FACEBOOK     Continue Reading


Welcome to Gardening For Dummies, where we have found fool proof products for those who want the garden but don’t have the time. Check out these four simple (yet stylish) products that will make your gardening a breeze! 1. Borea Bird Home: The easily attached bird home for your garden click here 2. Nourishmat: TheContinue Reading


Soundscapes International creates an environmental symphony and harmony within nature through the placement of their finely crafted Wind Harps. With acoustic research, they explore the resonant properties of various metal alloys such as titanium, bronze and stainless steel. The Harps’ interaction with gentle and steady breezes produces improvisational songs,  a living and dynamic soundscape. Click here toContinue Reading


This week we would like to welcome a new addition to Boxhill, the Helios Lounge by Galanter&Jones. This heated outdoor seat made of cast stone and steel will make you all warm inside (literally) on those cool evenings. With four color and finish options, what’s not to love? Click here to learn more! SHOP!     FACEBOOK     PINTEREST    Continue Reading


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Sometimes simple is the best solution. This week we are inspired by a simple image and a simple color palette of warm tones. Steel Life’s shallow vessel is a clean, modern design that is versatile and can work anywhere. Meant for plants, jewelry or beverages, this vessel will “steel” your heart and hold your keys!Continue Reading


Smart: This savvy planter thinks efficiently. Only needing a small helping of soil, this little guy is self conscious. Seductive: Coated with high gloss powder-coat lime green and sky blue, this modern planter shines. Steel: Since it is made of steel, this smart planter offers you a resilient and long lasting option to all yourContinue Reading


Seibert & Rice terra cotta planters and urns are the best from Impruneta, Italy. Handmade in historic workshops by Impruneta’s most celebrated artisans, Siebert & Rice terra cotta planters are untouchable in both quality and beauty and frost proof to -20° Fahrenheit. Seibert and Rice stocks an extensive inventory of terra cotta planters, urns andContinue Reading


Inspiration can come from anywhere! Huesday shows how any image or object can offer you a palette to design with. Terra cotta, storm grey and copper tones cool us down and warm us up. Through these great outdoor products and the image they compliment, we start to get a feel for how a space willContinue Reading


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It’s the little things in life that give us the most pleasure. Laughter.  Smiles.  A moment together. Showering outside is one of these simple things. Come with us. Lets create some magic together. Simple. Barefoot. Luxury. PINTEREST              WEBSITE              FACEBOOK Share Tweet Pin It


Meet Zach! Zachary A. Design produces some of the lightest cement-like furniture on the market. These items can be moved by one to two people and when left alone become sculptural elements worthy of conversation. Made in the USA, these outdoor products are designed to be resilient to summer sun and winter snow. Click here to seeContinue Reading


Outdoor entertaining made easy with 5 amazing new products, don’t waste your time with products that pretend to be for outside, we only give you products made for LIVING Outside! GLOW- Task lighting is important but ambient lighting sets the mood, just like this candle lantern! LOUNGE- You want your friends to be comfortable and stay,Continue Reading


Happy Huesday! Be inspired to create you own luxurious outdoor space with “Black, White and Garden!” Emerald, the color of 2013 brightens any space, bringing some zen to every design. Follow it up with some white and black for a clean and modern feel! Visit our Black and White Pinterest Page at! Follow ourContinue Reading


Welcome to This Week! Historic Gardens inspire “This Weeks” product spotlight. We have chosen three products that embrace different aspects of garden living and lifestyle. A repurposed antique Flower Garden Stake emphasizes old-word charm. Wally Hanging Planters are innovative and smart like our garden readers! And, our favorite new Spires Planters look like something thatContinue Reading


Welcome to What’s New! Every Friday “What’s New” will spotlight a new brand. This week we would like to welcome Blomus! Blomus specializes in modern outdoor products, more specifically outdoor lighting and decor! Blomus exhibits great attention to detail with their designs. A modern take on the traditional torch and many other designs will beContinue Reading


Welcome to Happy Huesday! Huesday is a day focusing on color. We take an inspirational image, create a color palette, and add outdoor products so you can visualize the end result. This week, Boxhill is inspired by the Life’s A Beach: a palette of light and airy colors, nautical materials and beach-inspired design. We want toContinue Reading


Welcome to This Week! This week’s motif is “Life’s A Beach.” We love Beach Style because it embodies a light and airy nature that all outdoor products should have: nautical colors, metal finishes and strong, resilient materials. Two items that truly embrace the Beach theme are the Lubra Lantern and Piedra Candle by Blomus. StayContinue Reading


  Welcome to What’s New! Every Friday “What’s New” will spotlight a new brand. This week we would like to welcome Hip Haven! Hip Haven specializes in retro modern outdoor products, specializing in the famous Bullet Planter! Hip Haven exhibits great innovation with all of their designs. They offer customers the ability to chose betweenContinue Reading


Huesday is a day focusing on color. We take an inspirational image, create a color palette, and add outdoor products so you may visualize the end result. This week, Boxhill is inspired by the Mod Mod World: a palette of neutral colors, clean lines and geometric-inspired design. We want to spark you to create yourContinue Reading


This week’s motif is “It’s a Mod Mod World.” We love Mid-Century Modern because it embodies a strong style that all outdoor products should have: geometric shapes, earthy colors and strong, resilient materials. An item that truly embraces the Mod Mod World theme is the Retro Bullet Planter. The original bullet planters were manufactured byContinue Reading


Every Friday “What’s New” will spotlight a new brand. This week we would like to welcome Chart Metalworks! Chart specializes in custom nautical map jewelry and accessories! Chart exhibits great innovation with all of their designs. They offer customers the ability to have a custom location on their pendent, bracelet or cufflinks! This is aContinue Reading


Welcome to Happy Huesday! Huesday is a day focusing on color. We take an inspirational image, create a color palette, and add outdoor products so you may visualize the end result. This week, Boxhill is inspired by the Barefoot Luxury: a punch of color, clean lines and sophisticated design. We want to spark you toContinue Reading


Welcome to This Week! This week’s motif is “Barefoot Luxury.” We love this style because it embodies the essence all outdoor products should have: clean lines, quality design and strong,resilient materials. An item that truly embraces the barefoot luxury theme is the Modern Concrete Bench designed by Brandon Gore. “Originally a creative outlet and personal projectContinue Reading


It has now been six days since our we were at the 2013 Dwell On Design Conference in Los Angeles, and as promised we have comprised a list of the Top Ten Best Outdoor Discoveries! After countless hours of interviewing and photographing designers, vendors and architects, LiveOutsideBlog and Boxhill is pleased to present the followingContinue Reading


Huesday is a day focusing on color. We take an inspirational image, create a color palette, and add outdoor products so you may visualize the end result. This week, Boxhill is inspired by the Bohemian Style: colors that are rich, cultural accents and historic patterns. We want to spark you to create your own BohoContinue Reading


We are inspired this week by Nelson Mandela, a man who through his life and throughout his life has made us all believe we had the light. We wish for his rapid recovery and send his message out into the world that we are our most powerful possession. “Our deepest fear is not that weContinue Reading

Prep for Dwell On Design 2013

Here we are, we finally made it to Dwell on Design 2013 in Los Angeles! We are so excited to be here this weekend, not just for the fun in the sun but also for LiveOutsideBlog to see some old friends like ModFire, and make some new ones!  While meeting and greeting some of theContinue Reading


Welcome to the wonderful world of neon. Our inspiration comes from InStyle’s article on Stacey Bendet, the designer of Alice+Olivia. Bendet’s hunger for chic, outgoing color combinations and prints make us go Oh La La! Neon is loud, its proud, and just like Stacey Bendet, it’s darn sexy! For all things neon, follow us onContinue Reading


Simple, clean and sculptural Modern desert style fits like a glove with Mid Century Modern (MCM) Architecture. As co-founder of Tucson Modernism Week , the recent pattern and the MCM trend has not escaped me. Even the big box stores have brought it into their collections. You no longer have to depend on high-end resourcesContinue Reading


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Baby Don’t Matter if it Black or White…

BOXHILL recently traveled to New York City for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair where we fell in love again with this classic coupling. Fashionably revived by a city filled to the brim with Black and White, it’s true what they say, “doesn’t matter if it’s black or white.” But, it is definitely better when youContinue Reading

Outdoor Finds at ICFF in NYC 2013

Last week we took a trip to NYC and stayed with my colleague / friend Susan Cohan of Susan Cohan Garden Design (thanks Suz). We headed to ICFF to scout the all the latest and greatest outdoor fabulous products that are being just released to the design world. Here are some of our favorites findsContinue Reading


What’s cooking, LIVE OUTSIDEers?? If there’s one thing we know in the Desert Southwest, it’s tortillas. We’ve been making huge batches to eat (and freeze for later,) so today, we thought we’d share our favorite, homemade tortilla recipe with you! If you’ve never tried homemade tortillas, well…you’re just letting the best in life pass you by!Continue Reading