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I have to admit, I love a great cooler when I see one. They can be personalized, multi-functional, mobile, and creative. Although most people wouldn’t think twice about it, coolers can make a statement about you. For example, as a child, my dad would often ask me to bring him a beer out of his large metal cooler in the garage. To this day, I always associate my father with that large metal cooler (and his love for beer)! Coolers can make a statement about everyone.

Historically used at barbeques or parties, coolers have become more of a permanent appliance for many households. You can see them as a piece in outdoor patios, or even indoors as a wine cooler. Nonetheless, if you’re considering purchasing a cooler, we suggest you check out the versatility and aesthetics of it all beforehand.

Here are some of the coolest coolers out there today. (See what I did there?)


Antique cooler

 Utility Coolers


Just for fun

 Modern Technology


Ease of Transport


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