Friday Favorites: Dwell on Design Pictures

Welcome to our visual experience at Dwell……

 We are HERE !

 Getting  Registered !

 We are in like Flin !

 Of Course this is LIVE OUTSIDES first stop !

But, got side tracked by Kohlers AWESOME BOOTH !

Each Sink was a bright color

Kohler and I go way back. After years of using their product, I still keep coming back for more. I have to say I swooned a little when I approached their booth at Dwell, it was so incredible.  Bravo, Kohler! The lighted letters, the lounge area made of bathtub couches, and the row of different colored apron sinks were all tasteful, yet fun.  Job well done!

Striking display

Bubble Boy is Back.

Mod Play House

5 Feet From The Moon

Here birdie birdie.

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